Gallery of Products

Ameo Essential Oils:  

Ameo combines modern science and cellular research with ancient knowledge; producing some of the most unique blends on the market.

Zija: Moringa Olifera 

Moringa olifera is one of the most nutrient-dense plants in the world. Watch the 10 minute documentary. Learn why I love this company.

Juice Plus+: 

Whole food supplements: How would your health improve if you got 30 different fruits, veggies and berries into your body every day? Juice Plus+ allows you to do that effortlessly in capsules or chewables.

Tower Garden by Juice Plus+:

Grow fresh veggies & fruits on your patio using just a fraction of the water & space of a garden. No weeding, no sore backs! A perfect answer with a year-long no interest financing option.

This is the future link to Dr. Leslie’s personal store with products like her Gentle Repose Women’s Balancing body butter and more. Check back soon!

This is the future link for Wellevate where you can get supplements, orthopedic supplies and more that until now have only been availabale through your chiropractor’s or naturopath’s office.

Dr. Leslie’s Webinars, classes, private and group coaching programs:

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