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Moringa Olifera – ‘New’ High Potency Superfood

Moringa olifera is a high potency Superfood that I only call ‘new’ because it is new to most of us in the Western world. It has been used throughout Asia and Africa for centuries. Recently, I learned of a line of products now available in the U.S. that use it as a base. Since I had heard a little about Moringa throughout the years and I trusted the person I heard about it through, I decided to look into it more.

I was delighted with what I found. A literature search on PubMed revealed probably a hundred or more journal articles. Most of the studies were done in India which explains why we’ve heard little about it in the U.S.  With 46 different antioxidants, 36 different anti inflammatories, 20 amino acids (including all 9 essential ones) and lots more, it’s no surprise that I found numerous studies that demonstrated it helps the immune system, has antibacterial and anti-parasitic capabilities, is anti-inflammatory, anti-neoplastic (kills cancer cells) and so many other qualities, I can’t possibly list them all. Which is why I’m including several graphics that show more.

Zija International markets this line of products and uses the seeds and fruit (the most potent parts) as well as the leaves of the Moringa tree. In the month or so I’ve been on the products I’ve noticed numerous positive changes including more energy, decreased pain, better digestion & elimination and better sleep. Others have had positive effects on numerous health issues; digestive issues, diabetes, and all types of arthritis to name a few; along with using the products to assist in significant weight loss.

Zija has products that can enhance almost every lifestyle and condition: Start your day with the daily nutrition of Supermix (contains the highest concentration of Moringa), Smartmix (combines Moringa with pre-biotics and more to feed gut flora and enhance relaxation), or XM-Energy (combines several energy enhancing and natural appetite suppressing herbs). For many, that may be all you need. But if you’re an athlete or you’re trying to lose weight, there are a number of other products that can help you achieve your goals. In addition, Zija has a new line of clinical grade essential oils and the Moringa based skin care line, Gen-M, offer health enhancing and anti-aging for all.  “Drink Life In” 

If you’d like to get a sample or learn more about the business possibilities with Zija, please contact me.


Healthy New Year!

What would happen if you put your health first for 30 day? -NOT as a diet or denial system; not as a system to give up anything. But in a concerted effort to simply add TONS of highly nutritious fruits & vegetables and more water to help detoxify your body and see the results?

I can hear you now: “I don’t have time,” “I can’t afford that,” or?? what’s YOUR reason? What if I could show you a way to do this conveniently and inexpensively (possibly for NO cost)?

Transform 30 is a what you might call a Cleansing Program but it is SO much more that it’s difficult to explain in a few paragraphs which is why I’m sponsoring a Transform 30 Introduction NEXT TUES., Jan 13th at 6:30 PM in the Community Room at Whole Foods Market in SLO.

Typical Cleansing Programs involve Juice or Water Fasting and in today’s environment, that may actually concentrate toxins! We’ll talk about why that is and how we get around that.

Many people think Cleanses are ONLY for people who need to lose weight! NOT TRUE! Did you know that we can now test for 800 DIFFERENT TOXINS in the human body?? And that’s only what we can test for. We live in a toxic soup of an environment & if you’re not cleansing your body regularly; I say DAILY, all bets are off on your long term health regardless of how well you eat.

So I hope you’ll join us next week, on Tuesday evening from 6:30-8pm. We’ll have samples, discuss recipes & detail how you can get support with the changes you choose to make. We’ll talk about food, toxins, exercise & a lot more in a fun & interactive way. Whether you choose to do Transformation 30 or not, my commitment is that the Information in the Transform 30 Intro will change your life and the lives of those around you Forever.

Wellness, Prevention & Early Detection: Chiropractic; A Natural Approach

                          As a chiropractor who has practiced for almost 25 years, I continue to be surprised (and a little disappointed) that more people don’t recognize the positive role that Chiropractic care can play in their children’s and in their own lives. Today, I hope to help you understand the value a little better.
Thanks to the medical establishment, most people think of chiropractic in terms of a quick fix for lower back or neck pain. While chiropractic may help with these issues, this represents a very limited view of an art & science that has really been around for thousands of years.
Hippocrates is quoted as having said “in case of disease look first to the spine.” Throughout history there have been practitioners who were the ancient equivalent of the modern-day chiropractor.  In fact, the results chiropractors got during the great flu pandemic of 1917 were one of the major factors that lead to the California Chiropractic Initiative of 1922, recognizing that we are separate & distinct from medicine. But like many other ancient forms of healing, chiropractic fell out of favor with the advent of drugs, surgery and the symptomatic approaches established by modern medicine. While most people are at least aware that chiropractic care exists, herbal medicine, homeopathy & many other forms of care have been so vilified by modern medicine that many people equate them with witchcraft, quackery and worse. The real truth is that most of that is propaganda and organized medicine did, among other things, promote leeches and blood letting well past the 1900’s. It was only their steadfast organization, pressure, propaganda & boycotting of anything non-medical that lead to the decreased popularity of these forms of care. Ultimately, chiropractic is the only non-allopathic healing science that survived this assault (until the recent resurgence of others). In fact, in 1985, the AMA and several other organizations were found guilty of collusion and anti-trust for trying to systematically destroy chiropractic as a profession in the United States.
I bring this up because to this day, people have negative views of chiropractic but have no idea where those views came from. I like to say its like the wallpaper of the way we grew up; so intimately connected with the American view on health, we don’t even see it.

So what is chiropractic & how might it help you & your family? The basic tenants of chiropractic have little to do with back pain. Chiropractic theory states (and modern medicine has proven) that misalignments in the spine (subluxation) can put stress on delicate spinal nerves & cause them to misfire. Indeed science has shown us that as little as 10mm of mercury pressure- about the pressure caused by weight of a dime- can cause mis-firing of nerve impulses in the spine. If you think realistically about this, you realize you could likely have several areas like this in your own spine right now and be totally unaware of it. Further, all the nerves in your entire body ultimately connect to nerves that enter & exit the spinal cord so when you think about it, every function in your body, from your heart beat to your hormone function to your immune system & more depends on the messages of nerves running into & out of your spine. AND you have NO way of knowing if all these messages are getting thru unimpeded or not. The chiropractor’s job is to make sure they Are. 
Well, this all sounds like it makes good sense, you may be thinking; but what is the practical aspect of this? What can I expect chiropractic care to have an effect on? While we can’t say with 100% certainty that chiropractic will have an effect on any particular problem, I can say that in my 25 years experience, the care I’ve provided has had a positive effect on problems as varied as ADHD, colic, asthma, allergies, back pain, headaches, fibromyalgia and more. I can also say that pregnant woman under chiropractic care have easier deliveries & recoveries and that difficulty nursing can often be traced to a baby being less able to latch on to one breast due to spinal subluxation in the neck. The bottom line is that every function in your body will happen better when it is unimpeded.
Recently I have joined the staff of Community Health Centers in SLO and I’m happy to be able to provide care to many patients who have been unable to obtain it in the past because they’ve had no insurance coverage. If you have CenCal, Medi-Cal or Medicare, you are allowed chiropractic care and do not need a medical referral. Unfortunately, most chiropractors cannot afford to see these patients (or see them & charge them a discounted cash fee) due to the low reimbursement rate. At CHC, they are a majority of the patients we see.
So if any of this makes sense to you, I’d be pleased and honored to see you and your family. Simply call the Bishop st office at 805-269-0793 or the Casa st office at 805-269-1500 & ask for a chiropractic appt with Dr. Kasanoff. If you’re unsure, contact me directly & we can discuss it.

Are Hormones Making You Sick & Tired? Environmental Influences

Low energy, weight gain, possible food sensitivities, acid reflux, high blood pressure, metabolic syndrome, Type 2 Diabetes, arthritis, auto-immune disorders and a plethora of other chronic diseases are rampant in our society. While many (arguably most) are caused by the foods we eat, today I wanted to talk about the influence our environment has on these and other dis-ease processes.

Hormone disruptors are pervasive in our environment and awareness of what they are and why they matter is the first step in avoiding them. Broadly speaking, hormone disruptors are any substance that can have an effect on our hormones. When people think of hormones, they usually think of menstrual cycles, pregnancy and menopause in women and maybe a couple function in men like muscular development and fertility. But we actually have many more hormones and they govern or have an influence on every function in our bodies. From the amount of water we retain (aldosterone) to our fight or flight response ( mainly cortisol) to the hormones that govern our internal daily clock, help us digest food and eliminate waste and more, our hormones play a critical role in our health and hormone disruptors in our environment are wreaking havoc on our bodies and minds.

Hormone disruptors act by occupying the site that a hormone would normally occupy on the cell membrane. Often they act like the the hormone itself, only super-charged; with more activity. They can sometimes bind more strongly to the cell membrane and exert influence for longer periods of time. They may be influencing far more functions than you think as well. Are you aware that most new mothers have detectable amounts of these substances in their breast milk?! Has anyone else besides me noticed that, in general more young men are losing more hair at a younger age than prior generations? (probably hormonally influenced) And dare I say it; young women seem to have more breast development than prior generations (probably also hormonally influenced). In addition, both boys and girls are going through puberty earlier, both men and women are having more problems with fertility. There is  also a connection between hormone disruptors and how much fat we are accumulating on our bodies. (That is not an excuse for all, just acknowledgement that it may make it worse.) All this and more can be due to the influence of hormone disruptors.

While there are many kinds of substances that can act as hormone disruptors; from chemicals we use to clean with to pesticides, plastics and more, today I wanted to discuss plastics because I think these, overall, are the ones that we can most readily limit the influence of in our lives.

While most people are now aware of BPA (Bis-phenol A), a substance found in things from the linings of canned foods to dental fillings and the fact that it can have hormonal activity, (something I read about and asked my dentist about 15 years ago and was brushed off as crazy!)  it’s likely that other substances will be found to have a similar influence. With the increased awareness of BPA, companies are readily switching to other substances and many of these have not been studied. The solution? Use alternatives to plastic as much as possible. Since these substances can readily leech into your food, store food in glass containers. Use stainless steel or glass water bottles. Never cook in plastic or plastic lined containers. If you purchase prepare food in a plastic container, put in glass before putting it in the oven even if the container claims to be oven-safe.  I like to discourage people from microwaving foods but if you must microwave something, use a glass container. Do your best to purchase food wrapped and stored in substances other than plastic ideally or put them in another container until use if the product isn’t available that way. Another option is always to ‘let your money do the talking’ and not buy things packaged in plastic. And contacting companies to encourage change is always a great idea as well.

This article undoubted just scratches the surface. Got some great ideas or comments? I’d love to hear them


The Anti-Inflammatory Diet

Anti-Inflammatory Diet- A Key to Health
Anti-Inflammatory Diet- A Key to Health

Virtually every disease we know of, especially the chronic ones, begins with inflammation. Then a combination of genetics, environment and nervous system function play a role in the resulting symptoms and disease. That’s why the most knowledgeable coaches, consultant and doctors begin a holistic approach with an anti-inflammatory diet. It’s also why two people can have the same diet, for example a married couple, yet one might have heart disease while the other develops diabetes or cancer (a simplification, but you get the point). Inflammation can also be a factor in a variety of problems that aren’t seen as disease from Dysmenorrhea (painful Menses) to obesity, stress response and far more.

In discussing diet, I like to invoke the 80/20 rule with a caveat. The 80/20 rule in diet, the way I advise people means that if 80% of your diet consists of fresh veggies, beans, nuts & seeds, berries and fresh fruit -pretty much in that order- the other 20% can be made up of starches (whole grains, potatoes, etc) and animal products. There are a couple of caveats here: (1) when I say whole grain I mean things like brown rice, millet, barley etc. in their WHOLE state; not pulverized as in flour or cornmeal (notes: quinoa is a seed and included in that catagory. I categorize yams & squashes as veggies) (2) if you are already sick, you may need to observe the 95/5 rule until you, at least, become asymptomatic. (3) if you’re not overweight or otherwise ‘sick’ you can likely increase starches and/or animal foods a little without adverse effect.


The addition of super-foods to this diet will further enhance the anti-inflammatory effect of this diet. When I say super-foods, I’m referring to a list of foods- within the above categories- that have a high concentration of specific nutrients that are often lacking in the Standard American Diet (SAD). Here is a partial list: flax seeds, chia seeds, pomegranate, acai berry, gogi  berry, blue berries, cacoa (raw chocolate), green tea, avocado, cruciferous veggies (broccoli, kale, cabbage family) . Many people add raw coconut oil and wild caught salmon to this list. I use caution with adding them because (1) I don’t want to give people ‘permission’ to eat excessive amounts of fat; small amounts are fine in foods but I don’t think we have the evidence to justify more, (2) there are appropriate concerns about mercury in sea food and (3) there are plenty of non-animal sources for Omega-3 fats (nuts, seeds, olives).

A discussion of anti-inflammatory foods is, of course, incomplete without mentioning the most inflammatory foods that must be excluded. The main culprits on the list here are (1) white four (2) processed foods (3) sugar  (4) dairy and (5) Genetically modified foods (GMOs).  When eaten to the degree they commonly are in the American diet, I also add chicken and beef to this category.

Inflammation is a natural part of the healing process and a certain amount of it is necessary and good when we are injured or sick. It is part of the process that makes your ankle swell and hurt when you sprain it, for example. However, when we eat a predominantly animal product and starch diet, our body becomes highly acidic and produces much more pro-inflammatory chemicals than it needs. This is one reason why it’s not uncommon in our society, for an injury to become chronic even when a person stops doing what caused the injury. Excessive inflammation also plays a role in allergies and illnesses causing an increased non-specific immune response; making these conditions worse than they might otherwise be. In the inflamed state, our bodies heal more slowly; excessive inflammation actually impedes the healing process whereas appropriate levels of inflammation speed the process. With the Standard American Diet, we’ve upset the natural balance making it difficult for our body to advance from the acute stage of the injury to the healing phase.

Is there a way to measure how inflamed your body is? Yes, there is. Probably the most simple and reliable is the blood test called CRP or C – reactive protein. CRP values are considered a broad non-specific indicator of inflammation. One can have high CRP levels in response to a cold or the flu (appropriate and limited) for example, or a high CRP level can be a sign of a generalized inflammation, an auto-immune disease, cancer, heart disease, a disease process in a specific organ or more. CRP is a great indicator of overall health (provided you don’t have a cold or other acute process) and, in fact, is considered a far better indicator of cardiac health than cholesterol levels. You can get a baseline CRP level and then monitor it over time. It is one of the few blood tests that is not easily manipulated by vitamins or medications and does have a real relationship to health and longevity.

Beyond this basic approach, people often want to look at which specific foods are best for their body. Food sensitivities are a real concern as well as the fact that some people may feel better with more protein that what I outlined above. These responses are individual and best handled in an individual way. However, for the vast majority of people, getting off of processed food and pulverized grains and decreasing animal proteins will make a huge difference and is a conservative starting place.

With this approach, you can begin to take control of your health and effect significant change in almost any process that is affecting your overall energy and vitality.

If you want to learn more, email me for a FREE 30 minute Health Strategies Session.