Essential Oils for Weight Loss & Detoxification

In my last post, I discussed several oils that can be used internally to enhance metabolism and increase weight loss. Today, I want to talk about using oils topically for detoxification & weight & fat loss.

The three topical applications one can use are: Detox baths, body wraps and massage. Any of these methods are applicable for any of the oils I’ll discuss.

Using oils topically is a great adjunct to your weight loss program as it’s something simple & relaxing that can also help pull toxins out of your tissues, help get rid of cellulite, increase metabolism and more. To use oils in a detox bath, start out by adding Epsom salts to the bath water (start with about 1/4-1/2 cup but you can work up to using up to about 2 cups), add your oils to 1-2 tbsp. of fractionated coconut oil and add that to the bath water. Optionally, you can also add apple cider vinegar (1/3-1 cup). Soak for 20-30 minutes. (Always use caution in how long you stay in if your physical condition warrants it.)

Here's a recipe that has earned the name of "skinny dip": 
1-2 cups Epsom salts
7 drops each: Frankincense, grapefruit, peppermint, true lavender, Ameo Trim & Tone
4 drops each orange, tangerine
3 drops Ameo Cell Therapy
Mix oils in 1-2 tbsp. fractionated coconut oil and add to bath.
Follow with internal detox:
Zija Premium Detox tea, add 1 drop peppermint, 3 drops lemon

These oils will help to pull toxins out, decrease cellulite and more. As you can see by the accompanying picture, the results can be quite dramatic. These oils can be purchased at a substantial savings by purchasing the Ameo “Slim &Tranquil” combo pack available here.

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Essential oils to aid weight and fat loss

We all know that healthy eating and exercise are long term keys to maintaining weight. Still, as we get older, we find it more & more difficult. Most of us have heard of things like the grapefruit diet and many others; some healthy, others; not so much. Well, it turns out that grapefruit is just one of many essential oils known to have a positive effect on metabolism and therefore, weight loss. Today, I’m going to talk about several of these oils, how they work and how you can incorporate them into a healthy weight loss program. In my next blog, I’ll talk more about detoxification and the use of oils that you can use in a bath or diffuser. While most therapeutic or clinical grade oils should not be consumed orally without proper supervision, these are all food-based substances and are reasonably safe.

Grapefruit Oil:

Grapefruit has long been known for its ability to curb cravings, boost metabolism and reduce abdominal fat. It turns out that it contains a compound (nootkatone) which increases production of AMPK, an enzyme important in homeostasis & energy production. (It also turns out that evidence shows both viruses and cancer cells down-regulate AMPK!) Research shows grapefruit oil increases endurances, decreases weight and body fat and more. Diffuse this oil or add a couple drops to drinking water.

Lemon Oil:

Known for enhancing mood and numerous other functions, lemon oil, when combined with grapefruit oil, has been shown to increase lipolysis (the breakdown of fat). Physiologically, it increases norepinephrine which helps with mood, cognitive function & increases muscle metabolism. Use this similarly to and along with grapefruit oil.

Peppermint Oil:

Peppermint has been shown to increase the flow of bile through the digestive track and decrease tension on abdominal muscles. It has also been shown to decrease appetite and in a study significant decreased caloric intake in a population that inhaled it every 2 hours. Use in a diffuser.

Cinnamon Oil:

Cinnamon has been shown to increase the body’s ability to utilize Insulin, thus helping decrease the tendency to store fat. It also has some anti-inflammatory qualities. Use caution with Cinnamon oil as it can burn mucous membranes. It’s safest to dilute it with olive oil or coconut oil as a carrier or to use it in food.

Sweet Fennel Oil:

Fennel has been shown to enhance Melatonin production and thus help with overall metabolism and with the body’s wake/sleep cycles. It was also used on fasting days in ancient cultures. Modern day animal studies showed that test animals ate less food when given fennel.

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Chronic Inflammation: Stories of Change

Today, I want to tell you a couple of quick stories of people who made small changes that helped address chronic inflammation and how these changes changed their life. (All names have been changed.)

Beverly is a client that, despite being obese had an active lifestyle that including skiing, tennis and other sports. But throughout the years she had had numerous injuries that resulted in chronic pain. Still, she was committed to maintaining her lifestyle and finding a way to diminish pain & inflammation without the potential negative effects of medication. I suggested a program that included Ameo’s Frankincense Essential Oil, various supplements and detoxification & weight loss. Bev decided to go with the Frankincense alone. (She didn’t want to give up any of her favorite foods & was convinced she actually felt better at her current weight.) Amazingly, just that, by itself made enough of a change that, although she wasn’t able to ski or play tennis, she had less pain and was able to be more active than she had been in the recent past .

Melinda is a young adult (mid-20’s) that was having some health challenges as a result of her poor diet and lack of exercise throughout her teenage years and into young adulthood. Blood tests revealed she was pre-diabetic. She had constant digestive distress, pain in many joints, possible gall bladder issues and knew she had to make a change. Adding Zija’s Smartmix, AGX Digest and making better food choices made an incredible difference. In a matter of just a couple of months, her digestive and gall bladder issue were resolved, her blood tests returned to a healthy range, pain was gone, she had more energy & felt healthier and she lost about 20 lbs.

Michael was a morbidly obese middle aged man who was diabetic, had fatty liver disease and was in constant pain. He knew his very life hinged on the need to make some major changes. He added Zija’s Supermix, Premium Detox tea and more fresh fruits and veggies to his diet. He has eliminated junk food, most dairy and some meat. He has lost almost 60 lbs and is now able to be a little more active. His blood tests have shown improvement after just a few months. Michael still has a long way to go to undo the damage caused by years of toxicity and inflammation. At this writing, he is still, unfortunately, in some pain but as he continues to build muscle, lose fat and decrease inflammation, he is beginning to see more positive changes. He is optimistic that he will be able to resume many activities soon.

These 3 clients illustrate  how making changes that decrease inflammation can result in quick improvements in people’s lives and in their health profiles.

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Chronic Inflammation 101: What Is It & Why Should I Care?

Your body creates inflammation as part of the healing process! Inflammation is the initial part of the healing process and is vital to it. It’s only when inflammation gets out of control that it becomes a problem!

We now know that chronic inflammation is a contributing part to almost any chronic disease you can name. So squelch chronic inflammation and you will live healthier and pain-free for many more years!

What contributes to Inflammation? The Biggies:

  • The 5 white poisons: White flour, white rice, white sugar, dairy, GMO Soy
  • Processed foods: food with the above but also artificial colors, preservatives, chemicals and vegetable oils
  • Animal foods; especially high animal fat foods

Over the next few blog entries, I’ll be talking about ways to decrease inflammation.

Today we introduce Moringa olifera! Superfood of Superfoods

When I started adding the Moringa found in Zija International’s Smartmix and Supermix, something amazing happened. I found that my nearly 60 year habit of night time munching was getting under control! Many aches & pains disappeared and my energy level improved as well. A few weeks later, I had lost 7lbs without really even trying and went on, using Zija’s additional products, to lose a total of 15lbs. Give the body what it needs & it doesn’t suffer from cravings! I’ve kept that off for an year and recently started working on the last 10lbs!

With 36 different anti-inflammatory compounds; Moringa is a powerhouse when it comes to decreasing inflammation. This 3 minute animated is much easier than reading! :

Moringa Animation from Club Moringa Network on Vimeo.

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Warm Weather “Farmacy” Part 2: Essential Oils for Sunburn & “Oww-ies!”

                                                   So you spent too much time on the sun or you injured yourself. Here are simple things using Ameo essential oils to help you out:

Sunburn Spray: 5 drops each Lavender and Tea Tree oils, 2 drops Peppermint oil. Add these to a pint or 1/2 liter spray bottle filled mostly with distilled water and 1-2 ounces of Aloe Vera gel. Shake. This cooling spray can be applied as often as needed. (Never use oils on a physical burn unless it has been cooled for several minutes first)

Healing Blend for minor wounds: 10 drops each Lavender, Frankincense & Tea Tree, 1.5oz Witch Hazel, Aloe vera gel to fill 2 ounce spray bottle. Spray on wound.

Muscle or Joint Pain (simple over-use): 5 drops each Muscle Mend, Relaxing Touch, Eucalyptus and Marjoram in a 10ml roller bottle. Add carrier oil (fractionated coconut, sweet almond or avocado oil) to fill. Apply to sore areas & massage in.

Ameo essential oils are highly purified Clinical Grade essential oils. Each oil is subjected to Ameo’s “certi-5” standards; a combination of testing and certification that assures you that the oils are both pure and efficacious. Order your oils today: or call or message me to discuss specific needs.




Warm Weather “Farmacy” -Essential Oils for Spring & Summer


Warm weather and springtime bring an array of fun outdoor activities for most of us. Whether you like to hike, go bicycling, play sports, sail or surf or just lay on the beach or by the pool, most of us find SOME time to get away for the work doldrums, maybe even shut off social media and get out in the fresh air.

But along with having fun come the adverse consequences: sore muscles, mosquito & bug bite, sunburns, scrapes and potentially even tick bites that can lead to more serious problems.

Today we’ll address the bug issues using Ameo Essential Oils:

Bug Repellents:

Commercial bug repellents are loaded with chemicals like DEET that can cause rashes and even neurological symptoms. Many are known to cause cancer and disrupt hormones as well.

  • Bug Repellent Spray:

Choose from: Citronella, Clove, Lemongrass, Rosemary, Tea Tree, Cajeput, Eucalyptus, Lavender, Cinnamon and Cedar.                                    Fill an 8oz. spray bottle 1/2 full with distilled water. Add witch hazel til almost full. Add 30-50 drops of essential oils. Shake well before applying.

  • Tick Repellent:

10 drops Lavender, 10 drops Lemongrass, 10 drops Eucalyptus.     Add oils to a 4 oz spray bottle filled with 1/2 distilled water & 1/2 witch hazel. Spray on shoes, sock pant legs & skin.

  • Tick Repellent Part 2

Carry a lint roller that has been sprayed with the above solution.  Roll it over your pant legs & socks periodically. You may be shocked what you pick up!

  • Bug Bite Itch Relief 

25% Tea Tree oil, 25% Lavender oil, 50% carrier oil (sweet almond, fractionated coconut or avocado oil are all good choices) Mix this in a 10ml roller bottle. Apply just a dab to bug bites.

Purchase your essential oils by clicking on ‘Ameo Essential Oils’ at the bottom of this page:Then choose the wholesale option. (Or use your personal login & password here if you have one.)

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Dieting VS Cleansing & Detox or Why the Yo-Yo Effect Happens

Well it’s now Spring which means Summer (and bathing suit season) isn’t too far off. If your New Year’s Resolution about getting healthier and losing weight has gone by the wayside (as it statistically has for most) you might looking for that One Last Diet. Maybe you’ve had luck losing weight before with a low carb diet (the most common) like “Atkin’s Diet” or similar and even though you gained it back over time you tell yourself, “This time it’ll be different.”

Before you do that, you might look at some actual mechanisms that occur in the body and think about your ‘diet’ in a new way. Here’s why: The human body is an amazing machine! When we take in toxins that are body can’t readily process, the body stores those toxins in fat so it can deal with them later. So when we release fat by converting into energy during weight loss, we release the toxins into our blood stream! Here’s the thing: that low carb diet and many other similar diets don’t have the bulk necessary for you to be able to pass those toxins out of your system quickly (read: you must poop more to do this!) The result can be that sluggish feeling you get, but also, understand that your body is now effectively CONCENTRATING those toxins! The accompanying picture demonstrates it well. Because your body NEEDS the fat (and the water it accumulates WITH the fat) to keep those toxins out of your blood stream, as soon as go ‘off’ the diet, the protective mechanisms kick in and you gain the weight back, even if you’re not being ‘bad!’

So what IS the answer? The answer lies in DETOXING and Cleansing rather than ‘dieting.’ When you detox, you stick to whole food, predominantly plant-based eating; staying as close to possible to unprocessed, natural & organic foods. These are foods that have little toxins in them. Eliminate processed foods (wheat & corn based), dairy and most (or all) animal products. You then add things that help you detoxify your system such as lemons, beets, parsley and lots of fiber (the kind you find in real food, not Metamucil!) Add LOTS of water (1/2 oz. to 1 oz. per pound of body weight daily). And add a high quality detoxifying tea; ideally one like Zija’s Premium Tea, that contains herbs to detoxify the liver, the colon and the kidneys.  Now you have a way to eliminate the toxins by passing them readily OUT of the body. The result is a healthier you and far less tendency to gain the weight back. This is the diet that I used last year to drop 15 lbs and keep it off for a year after having yo-yo-ed at least 5 times in the past 7-8 years! 

For those who want to take action now, for a limited time (till April 4th only!) you can get sample package of Zija products including the Premium Tea and other top shelf nutrition products at a great savings. Email me immediately, I have a limited number of vouchers that will allow you $100 value for just $40.

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The “Farmacy” Basics for Common Complaints

Essential Oils for Daily Complaints:

One of the most common questions I always got in my chiropractic practice was “Doc, what should I take?” People want a quick fix and our pill-oriented society has conditioned them to look for one. Unfortunately, as Western Medicine continues to create artificial substances, the negative effects continue to seriously injure and kill people. After your spine is in alignment so that your Nervous System is working optimally, essential oils can be some of the easiest and simplest answers for everyday problems. (Note that being sure how essential oils are purified is of the utmost importance. That is why I use Ameo Essential Oils. They are the only Clinical Grade essential oils on the market.)

Frankincense: Decreases inflammation topically & internally. (Do NOT use a lesser brand internally. It may be extracted with harmful chemicals). Has also been to increase apoptosis (self-destruction) in cancer cells.

Peppermint: A great digestive aid internally. Externally; a drop on certain pressure points on the head and face can help headaches. Inhale to increase alertness.

Lavender: THE great scent for all things calming. Helps with sleep. Calms & soothes feelings. Can even be used topically to calm reactions to bug bites.

Blends: There are a million combinations that can have incredible affects. Ameo is now leading the way with its new AGX Gene Expression line which targets different cell types, revealed by florescent microscopy, for optimal absorption.

I encourage you to learn more about the power of essential oils & be able to bring home a sample spray, balm or other preparation by coming to my event on March 9th.  We will concentrate on the 3 oils above along with 7 or 8 blends featured in Ameo’s Basic, Family First Aid and Emotional Wellness Kits. (Please RSVP by Emailing me at to get the address as this event is being held in a home.) Happy Oiling!


Not (Just) Another Super-food!

Over a period of several months last year, I lost 15 lbs and got down to a weight I was very excited about. Here’s the interesting part, I lost about the first 5-7 lbs. without really even trying! How did that happen?

If there were a single, readily available food source that contained 46 Anti-oxidants, 36 Anti-inflammatory compounds, all 20 amino acids, more calcium than milk, more iron than spinach, more vitamin C than oranges, fat- and water-soluble vitamins, Omega 3-6-9’s AND MORE, do you think there’s a chance that getting all that nutrition daily might help diminish cravings? Well, there is and, at least for me, it did.

Zija International’s Moringa olifera-based mixes are what is making this difference for me and thousands of others world-wide. In just 10 short years in the industry, Zija has had an incredible impact on what it is now calling the Natural Health Revolution. The Revolution is about getting people to eat better, sleep better, move more, diminish stress and turn away form the drugs, chemicals and fast foods that wreaking havoc on our lives and on our health. And it all starts with, believe it or not, something as simple as a powered drink mix.

For me, now that I’ve done that, I see the real possibility of dropping a few more pounds and getting down to what a weighed in college (which was actually less than what I weighed in high school.) Over the next several weeks, I’m going to write more about the additional products I used and the changes I made in hopes of inspiring YOU! “Whatever you desire. . .begin it now.”

Learn more about Zija:  Core Moringa Nutrition & Weight-Loss products or Ripstix Fitness products or call me with your questions. Call me about FREE sample/starter packages (limited offer).

Moringa Olifera – ‘New’ High Potency Superfood

Moringa olifera is a high potency Superfood that I only call ‘new’ because it is new to most of us in the Western world. It has been used throughout Asia and Africa for centuries. Recently, I learned of a line of products now available in the U.S. that use it as a base. Since I had heard a little about Moringa throughout the years and I trusted the person I heard about it through, I decided to look into it more.

I was delighted with what I found. A literature search on PubMed revealed probably a hundred or more journal articles. Most of the studies were done in India which explains why we’ve heard little about it in the U.S.  With 46 different antioxidants, 36 different anti inflammatories, 20 amino acids (including all 9 essential ones) and lots more, it’s no surprise that I found numerous studies that demonstrated it helps the immune system, has antibacterial and anti-parasitic capabilities, is anti-inflammatory, anti-neoplastic (kills cancer cells) and so many other qualities, I can’t possibly list them all. Which is why I’m including several graphics that show more.

Zija International markets this line of products and uses the seeds and fruit (the most potent parts) as well as the leaves of the Moringa tree. In the month or so I’ve been on the products I’ve noticed numerous positive changes including more energy, decreased pain, better digestion & elimination and better sleep. Others have had positive effects on numerous health issues; digestive issues, diabetes, and all types of arthritis to name a few; along with using the products to assist in significant weight loss.

Zija has products that can enhance almost every lifestyle and condition: Start your day with the daily nutrition of Supermix (contains the highest concentration of Moringa), Smartmix (combines Moringa with pre-biotics and more to feed gut flora and enhance relaxation), or XM-Energy (combines several energy enhancing and natural appetite suppressing herbs). For many, that may be all you need. But if you’re an athlete or you’re trying to lose weight, there are a number of other products that can help you achieve your goals. In addition, Zija has a new line of clinical grade essential oils and the Moringa based skin care line, Gen-M, offer health enhancing and anti-aging for all.  “Drink Life In” 

If you’d like to get a sample or learn more about the business possibilities with Zija, please contact me.