More About Dr. Leslie

Dr. Leslie Kasanoff is a Chiropractor and  Wellness & Health Coach  who has dedicated her life to inspiring and assisting as many people as possible in attaining health & wellness.

Dr. Leslie began her career as a Medical Laboratory Technologist. But when she found herself assisting in the bone marrow biopsy of a frail elderly woman whose care plan would ultimately not be changed based on the results of this invasive procedure, she chose, instead, to commit to restoring true health through natural means; rather than increasing longevity at the expense of well-being which was what she often found in the hospital setting. Shortly after that, she quit her job in a Boston hospital and explored the Western United States by bicycle for over 3 months before eventually settling on the Central Coast of California. After a period of exploration and learning about many different philosophies in healing, her decision to become a chiropractor brought her to Western States Chiropractic College in Portland, Oregon. After six years in Portland, receiving her Doctorate of Chiropractic and having her first child, she relocated back to the Central Coast with her family to start a practice in 1991.

Dr. Leslie maintained a private chiropractic practice for about 20 years and then for a variety of reasons, both personal and professional closed her office in 2011. She continued to see some of her long-standing patients in a home setting while simultaneously inspiring others nutritionally through her Juice Plus+ Virtual Franchise.

In 2014, she accepted a position at Community Health Centers of the Central Coast where she provides chiropractic care primarily to Medicare and MediCAL/CenCAL recipients. Dr. Leslie finds great satisfaction in working with this population who are predominantly low income.

Currently, Dr. Leslie sees chiropractic patients at CHC while simultaneously growing her Natural Wellness Coaching Business.

Dr. Leslie’s greatest desire has always been  that our children have the opportunity to grow up healthy. As she has grown older herself, she’s also become increasingly aware of the suffering of middle-aged and older women often from health ailments that could be very easily reversed naturally with appropriate knowledge and guidance; guidance that most people are not getting in the current medical model of care. This is the area she she is choosing to focus on in her Wellness Coaching practice; giving those with chronic health issues the tools they need to help them get off medications and get back to living a full life.

Dr. Leslie advocates an active lifestyle, plant-based whole food eating and stress reduction thru living a balanced purposeful life (whatever that really means to you) all on a foundation of properly functioning Nervous System (attained by regular chiropractic care). 

Dr. Leslie has always ‘walked her talk’ and you can frequently find her climbing local hills on her bicycle, hiking or walking the beach with Missy, the 3 legged Wonderdog. 

She invites you to follow her on social media to see what she’s up to, ‘like’ her Facebook page and contact her for a free 30 minute intro session. And check back here frequently to find out about upcoming webinars, programs and classes.