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I help people stuck in today’s unhealthy stress-filled lifestyles eradicate pain & inflammation, lose weight, increase energy and build residual income so they can have the time and ability to do what they love.

In my 25 years as a Chiropractor and 10 years before that as a Medical Laboratory Scientist, I’ve learned that the most effective approach to health combines natural holistic sciences with whole food and super-foods as foundational support along with a properly functioning Nervous System attained thru regular preventative chiropractic care.

Of all substances on earth, I’ve never come across a food with superior nutritional qualities to that of Moringa olifera, a tree, indigenous to Southern Asia with eatable leaves seeds and fruit. And the best, most quality controlled efficacious Moringa in the world is produced by Zija International.

Zija has also combined ancient healing and modern technology to produce Ameo essential oils; the only Clinical Grade essential oils on the market. Essential oils were human’s first medicines and can address a vast array of health issues.

Learn more about Moringa here (in just 10 minutes):
Learn more about Ameo Essential oils here:

Then learn about Zija; their products & opportunity here:  https://goo.gl/sXKqYD

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